Wednesday, August 02, 2006

how's your bum?

like a skydiving leper, i'm gonna have a bit of trouble holding this one together.

- ever think about how with typing there's an ambidextrous quality, as in there's finally an alliance between right and left? is typing some kind of analog corpus callosum? the hemispheres get to make sweet semiophysical love outside of one's noggin

'in life you get what you settle for' - my mum

- i went for a run today. jogged to the park, ran some hills and dryheaved next to some lallygagging park employees for 5 minutes. then it rained. big ploppy raindrops, with forceful wind behind them. so i took my shirt off and splatted off home making sure i went past as many restaurant windows as i could (l'academy etc.) because i had some chesthair i wanted to show the diners. afterall, wetheaves are more satisfying. especially when they're not yours.

- anyone care to guess what book/movie this is from? 'You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake'
...double points if you can spell the author's last name...

- aren't women just fascinating? i've been showering roughly 16 years (strictly baths before that) and i still cannot get my towel to stay on while wrapped around me. ladies have an uncanny knack of doing that, but i'm stumped. any clues?

- Isabel sent me a link to the 2006 Quebec Writing Competition yesterday, for any of you likeminded out there.

fuckthis, i'm of for a beer


Lindz said...

Fight club - Chuck Palahniuk...knew the movie...didn't know the author to be honest.
As for the towel thing...I think the answer is breasts...I don't exactly know the mechanics of it, but if I'm in a state of semi-dress with the towel around my falls off too. Breasts must fit into it somehow.

S'Mat said...

dingding! congratulations, you win one free shaved head!
breasts! do you mind awfully if i make them the topic of my next blog entry?

Lindz said...

meh...actually I'm sort of fond of mine lately...I could deal with an ode or something of that nature.

pagno said...

found the following in the sneeky dee's women's washroom:

'you get what you pay for in this life: pay a lot and you get an expensive life. take what's free and you get FREEDOM!'

yes i copied it down.

i hate to brag, but i can do the following: full torso towel covering, beginning at the waist towel covering and towel covered hair. i figure the jock like phew, i need a mini towel on my shoulders gag is a given...? cause i can do that too.

S'Mat said...

super. so far i have 1) you need breasts and 2) 'i'm a blackbelt in towel'... got any hints a little more, um, conveyable?

Isabel Brinck said...

It's a trick. Like a magician, I depend on the hand being faster than the eye. I'm sure you know more superstar girls than me, but I actually have to continually re-tuck the end of the towel in, lest it all come down.
Thank God, I don't care and walk around without a towel anyway, but I'm just saying: if there are guests.

Eve said...

Hahahahahahaha, dry heaving.

No no, breasts are not the key. Pull the towel really tightly, with the outside layer sort of bunched up (you can roll it over a couple times) and then roll it over. Also, you have to hold on.