Friday, August 04, 2006


[tempered edit: i know. i am an asshole.]

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and on the happy, my new blogchum Mac has a wicked-fun video right now on the site she entitled


Mac said...

Glad you like the video! Great fun.

(Sorry about the other distressing stuff in your life, however.)

Anonymous said...

Just to love and not be loved in return is NOT enough.

pagno said...

anger, more often than not, arises as a result of feeling hurt or scared. someone who finds they love more than they are loved and then becomes bitter about the imbalance sounds hurt or sad to me. if you can help it, don't put up a wall. i bet that in time, given enough space, you both will find there is something greater that remains between the two of you.

Rogering me said...

Assholism is not to be underestimated, nor underrepresented. It is my hope that political correctness eventually catches up with the assholes of the world and turns them into the new fags. This way, you can be a huge asshole and, like a good homo nowadays, you're loved dearly by all women and considered the funniest and sweetest guy in every room you walk into. All your best friends will be chicks who think that assholes want nothing more than to turn on their asshole spigots in their direction, but really, and this never changes, you wanna nail'em. TV shows will pop up about assholes (Bill and Ace?), and assholes will fight for divorce rights. Unfortunately, I only believe that this could be possible if a deadly virus spreads through the asshole population. I hope this does not happen. Long live assholes!