Saturday, July 29, 2006


after some sloppy consideration of Time and its spinnerets, I naturally thought of a girl. I hadn't really thought of her for a while, which was strange, for at one stage, oh, perhaps 8+ years ago, I would've said it's been a while since I really hadn't thought of her. and to what can a Timefly turn when it's abuzz over someone it once cared for? obviously Google. so I googled her, and, because of a remembered conversation we'd once held about there not being many with her last name, fancied my chances. it kind of gave me the heebyjeebies to actually find her: a career woman running an independent business in Quebec City; a freelance writer; self-promoting instead of self-effacing; 'my age' rather than 'a year younger'; a familiar stranger rather than the strange familiar; over there... man, Time's also got a big pair of gleaming mandibles.

I don't miss her. I have already, and though there's a contact email and phone number, I really have no desire to use them. not to say they don't make me vertiginous, but not this Time. I do, however, have a different idea... I decide now to place a little Time capsule, just like Bruce Willis leaving messages for the future on the dry-cleaning company's answering machine in 12 Monkeys (was that before or after eating the spider?), except here and, as Steve pointed out in Corpus Collapsum's Colosseum, Bruce Willis' mankind-saving services are likely needed elsewhere. so no Bruce.

my thinking is this... I reckon she'll soon google herself, oh perhaps in two months (during the season of change) to see her business site pop up. now because she's always been a curious one, i wager she'll check out the few other names that come up. one will be this one. hopefully she'll read this.

ok then, here goes: Michelle O'Brodovich

hi Mo!
how are you? i'm well. could afford to be a little richer (though how I can't afford to be any poorer beats me), but you know, i gots plans. so i lied, i do kinda miss you, in that wistful, cloudcocooned memorial kind of way. i do hope you are well and merry. please let me know if you ever run across this, like, you know, drop a comment or whatever. er, ok then, bye again!
ps. today's Sunday, July 30th 2006, 12:47AM...

ok, well, I guess I'm off to go stare at my static ceiling fan some more. and perhaps think about the people currently in my life. this Time.


Lindz said...

I'll see your turnip and raise you a radish???

S'Mat said...

I think I'll need more Michelle O'Brodovichs than that to coax the google machine into registering this...

Here's a few more then...
Michelle O'Brodovich Michelle O'Brodovich Michelle O'Brodovich

Christine said...

Strange post. So here I am, at work, googling people from my past just to see what turns up... I google Michelle O'Brodovich, and up comes your blog. I'm pretty sure it's the same girl. I remember her as brilliant, quirky, and fun. Wish I could meet her again now... it's been about 13 years.