Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Right now, I'm sitting at a chess cafe on the main. It's ok here, I have my headphones on, so I can sniffle as loud as I want without feeling too guilty. It's noon, and pretty quiet for this place. A motley collection of Russians, Konsonant-istanis and deranged people normally use this place as a staging ground for apparently massively entertaining chess matches. They lob poorly phrased invective at each other between moves, go outside in their moonboots to smoke doobs, come back in to steal my cigarettes and then cackle together in large groups that sound held together largely by a common affection for phlegm. Some games get pretty serious. I keep out of the way, as they remind me of the teenage thugs that kick-it outside of arcades and metro stations. Despite the fact that these guys are 55+, and suffering from acute scurvy and the fashion sense of POWs, I really don't want to get stabbed to death with a bishop. So, with all the hoopla over social epidemics such as video games, drugs and obscene music (partay!!!), I want to raise public awareness of the danger of the chess-fiend. He'll kill you for your damp socks or, at the very least, make derisive remarks about your respect for syntax.

I just bought a fandangled new notebook. The damned fresh page... reminds me of the large plate of ceramic snow you sometimes wake up to: what right do I have to go out there? Exactly. The first chicken-scratch in there was a fucking TO-DO list. I'm, like, lazy and shit, so I'm gonna start calling them GO lists. The word GO has a profound effect on me (though I prefer the less imperative, lower-case variation: go). Isabel and I leave for Vancouver Island tomorrow. This has me really excited. I can't wait to see Louis The Dog. Before then, there's stuff to-do. Like a facemelter at Korova tonight, and the airport-proofing of my luggage. Oh yeah, I've seen a few notorious celebrities lately too... the lead singer of Arcade Fire and one of the dudes from Wolf Parade (both at Korova, the latter used to work there) and, get this, Jessica Pare at Bagel Etc. It's a shame, as I believe when Isabel and I were talking about which celebrity we'd ditch the other for, she said Owen Wilson and I said Tina Fey (and probably Owen Wilson too), but I REALLY meant Jessica Pare.

Check out the ninja below. If one of those -Stanis come over, even for a light, I'm gonna steal his freaking peach!

it's always the small print that makes me really afraid of ninjas

Monday, December 19, 2005


to whit, zeropoint . the antidot? and PSY-FI

THIS is my webginning, so I'll start with a meek preamble. I wanted this site to be a one 'Tomunculus', but the name had been eaten already, so i went the enigmatic distance and wyrded it out further. AS my blogged Chilepepper had informed me of her site ( ), she consciously posts at a level of lucidity that borders on a personal cipher (yet pointedly analogous to others' experiences), I too aim to accomplish something similar in this: challenging (to me/you - us), whimsied, personally informative and a reservoir of my life's fat that is increasingly difficult to carry around with me. YOU'LL probably get it even if I fail to convey it...
JUDGING by the sheer number of bloated bleating blogspots these days, people are expressly expressing the want to express/impress/dedepress? I want this too. THESE last few weeks, I've felt a bit dour and stuck, and, needing an antidote of sorts, decided to realize my dreamscheme. I'D just dropped out of McGill, again. BEST thing I'd ever done, again. BUT immediately tripped over my self's possibilities. KNOWING exactly what I want to do, I smoked myself sick in cafes over the past 2 weeks and distracted my life's reconstitution with LIMEWIRE and inthorough research. BUT I don't want to be a piece of uncomfortable furniture in the doctor's waitingroom, so this is my launch: I am going to write PSY-FI(delity?), or 'speculative fiction', as detractor's of sci-fi's pulpy stigma would sublimate. IN the meantime, I plan to upload any short pieces of work, excerpts, thoughts and decisions onto this little pacemaker of a page... HOPE I keep vigil on this one. IT'S not as if other good idea's've never been torpedoed by my own U-Boat before... IN short, I extend this to all friends and family: check out the links, have a laugh, prevaricate on the dishes and most of all, keep in touch!!!