Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My friend Chris sent me this picture. It's entitled 'What Is The Point?' Crazily, Chris and I found out that we lived on the same wharf together in Victoria summer 2004. He was on the party boat.. I'd get up around 6.30 in the long shadowed mornings to go have a shower in the Shoal Point basement with pink handsoap (I was poor then too). Come back to clear the bottles off my topside and generally get ready for my floor installation job, and look over to see bikini girls still dancing on his roof. And kept looking, because they were after all girls in bikinis.

This is the view from the top of Shoal Point (which as a building, looks like a grounded cruise ship). My finger is the one in the middle with the tall ships and old paddlewheel (the SS Beaver) at the end.. my boat doesn't seem to be there.. (I saw it the following year donated to a Christian sailing charity organization). Chris's boat (small box, white roof) appears to be on the end of the finger to the right of the paddlewheel. He also worked on a tuna boat (probably out when this picture was taken) that harboured here too. I had the best time living here, collecting thoughts and tripping out to my own lonely self. This time here helped me realize that I was infatuated with the art of the story, and had been sharking around it for years without even being aware of the fact.


Eve said...

Hey! Is that the guy who gave us the tuna head?

JRD said...

At first glance I thought "Ninjas!"
I wonder if any burka-clad women pretend to be ninjas. i know i would.