Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Crave Event and so I Event Crave

steam-stream into the sim-stim.. find the pigpearls in the sty, i've gone crazy by invention. who holds the other ends of my nerves? this could be love, if there had been promise. time not a measure of distance, but of event. and all there is is there all and whispers. glasspanes made of windchimes. that wee headed cat is nonsense. i like green. i see myself seldom, and when i do i'm holding a weapon of crime. why are tears of salt? assault torn. but there's so much passive violence.. so much. it appears pared. separate: the sense. i'll dry myself soon, but only after you embrace me. my lover has done me violence.. my dear synaesthete, can you hear your music of form? can you not smell my thoughts? have you no paper towel for me? they say we must kill our idols, and surely we do. as we cannibalize our friends we are but metabolizing meat. a bicycle made for two. surely, if we eat each other we conquer the world? there is so much pith, and the juice that dribbles through the white is our dependence. there is so little fibre, so much matrix. who holds your banner above the field? where is YOUR warrior? love atrophies when misered, someone's poverty sucks on your marrow.. violence is her face; her smile her kindest wound.

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Lindz said...

The rhythm of this is should be read out loud.