Saturday, December 31, 2011

where? anandroid

there're methods to e-mediation - short snappy lines; photo-punctures; lurid unclickable ad-zones in the margins - and all fit into the con-template of blog/web expectation: the tacit rules of content-layout that permits navigation to the most casual of visitors. but if you've ever tried flipping through the garble that is an architecture firm's website or artist's portfolio - them other buckers of convention - you'll see that those most likely to want content made deliverable by anticipatory design, are those most obfuscating and indulgent. and i'd be proud to count the who? alongside this inaccessibility. posthumunculously, of course, as this place isn't.

i've not had a cellphone for 2 years, and it's bliss. people tell me how much i miss, and i tell them the very same. this anachronism likely has much to do with my inability to substantiate their expectations, twisting up rootedly into elusiveness: i can quarantine my time. those without the phartsmone are the lost demographic. the gap in the map. the ignorant willful innocents. well, at least, we teluselves that.

with universal serial buses (yeah, you use their transit thousands of times a day) plugging us all in, commuting our service, we're now all subjectoplasm. internolinked. by circumventing the computer - some would claim smartphones have even eclipsed it - to flit through evolving reefs of info-ecology, these devices have become appendages, swinging around in bardo. purpose trivial. and part of me needs one, just so i can stay currency. but most of me is telling me that it's a sickness. i do not want my brain to do that, but i want it to be able to.