Thursday, August 10, 2006

UGLY (show don't tell)

"...the key to artistic and financial freedom is owning your masters." - Marion "Suge" Knight, Jr.
because we all have masters...
Me, Myself and I - De La Soul
Electric Relaxation - Tribe radio-edit omits these words... ass, poontang, and ho
Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
Fender Bender - Kid Koala
Medulla Release Bjork Interview with Canal + how sweet she seems
Play Dead - Bjork (this is all in lieu of knowing how to post music) ps. sorry about Harvey Keitel and all that is not Bjork


Lindz said... never responded to my comment about your to explain??
Oh...and FYI, I spoke with the Jesse a few days ago, and he informs me that he too will be in the Montreal for Labour Day weekend. So for those of us who are unconvinced - ahem Eve ahem - add that to your list of plentiful reasons to obey your homing instincts.
And one other me a phone number - I have only one for the Graham, and one for the Sir Stevealot but from about four years ago. Tom...I assume your phone hasn't taken a dip in your toliet-seat-TP-free throne recently??

S'Mat said...

how can you raise on a turnip with a radish? this is a highstakes establishment ma'am... throw in a parsnip or beet or something, and then i'll see your bid. otherwise i suggest you should go back to confectionary bingo or somesuch.

oh, i was lying about the toilet seat, we do have one of those built up out of mineral deposits and embedded phone casings.

i'll send you an email soon that includes our numbers and the like. that's rad about jesse, haven't seen that guy for years.

Lindz said...

No!! Care to explain about the turnip?? Forget about the radish?? Are we still talking about vegetables or is this some kind of metaphor that I'm missing?? And don't underestimate radishes...they're very underrated. Especially those long white asian ones...either raw sliced and salted, or sauteed in butter...rather tasty...AND they have bite. Hmmm...kind of like me??

Eve said...

I'd love to come, but I already committed myself to going somewhere else, ok?

Lindz said...


Jordanova said...

that better be a good somewheres else Eve (like a funeral or a karate competition)