Thursday, August 03, 2006

'i was having a thomas when the wife walked in'?

and so i discover that my first name is synonymous with having a wank in cockney slang. as is Ann Frank: in usage... 'I'm off for an Ann Frank'. gosh, those irreverent eastenders, is nothing sacred to them? sullying the perfectly adequate and expressive word 'wank' like that... dispicable.

also found a pet-dating service (correction, several pet-dating services: or, for the UK, ). i don't really know what they're trying to facilitate here.. they ask you to register your bear or beaver, meercat or mongoose, or whatever... and then to register your human. what next? a terminal disease dating service ('i have three children and desperately need a boink').. closest i could find to that one was: Online Dating Service for People with STDs.. what a great/strange idea. isn't that a bit like joining an elephantitis Track & Field hurdling team? pink-eye intermural waterpolo confederacy? scabies wrestling circuit? sorry if i'm thomasing on a sore spot here...

one more. this site is oddly charming and'll likely settle many a late-night undergrad disagreement: Muppet Wiki is finally among us!

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pagno said...

maybe everyone knows this, but i recently discovered that a muppet is also a word for a stupid person.