Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Instituting a Word-Of-The-Day Feature

Ok, so because I'm a fat wordnerd, I'm going to include a daily vocabulary expander in my posts (that way also cajoling myself to keep my blogging poise). I will tell you where I heard/saw it and try and put it in a sentence... (basically I will CTL-C/V

Today's word: Tommyknockers...
Heard it: from the head-vaults whilst in the shower today
Meaning: Spirits that would accompany miners whilst at work. They'd pilfer your lunchbox, but'd also 'knock' to give warning of an imminent cave-in... A pretty interesting read:

1 comment:

pagno said...

daily vocabulary expander? suuuh-WHEAT!

can you really get a shower out of that wonder-tub these days?