Wednesday, August 16, 2006

do you ever find that sometimes you can achieve exactly what you wanted only by fucking up large?

me neither.


Sir Stevalot said...

actually yes. I find that only by making mistakes, i become wiser. When i fuck up HUGE, i learn the most. Only then can i acheive what i want.

Eve said...

Yes, messing up huge is an amazing learning experience. However, I think it only happens when you are either developmentally hindered/behind where you should/could/would be.

Or the other possible reason is that one hasn't learned lessons (from all the small mistakes or whatever) because of any number of reasons (like self-obsession for one, being out of touch with reality for another [I'm thinking of my roommate]) and it takes a big one to really bring the lessons home.

Lindz said...

That's the thing...I definitely have learned by fucking up large, but I find it generally to be a very painful lesson. Best avoided, if you ask me.