Saturday, September 30, 2006


this one goes out to all the super-couples... party provocateurs and dancefloor agitators; heroes and heroines; mythological contemporaries; social gravity wells orbited by the bawdy and the bleak, the love-bruised and the abashed; the nettleless nexuses; warpless weavers of the cooperative; the divisionless divine; you who have the most to lose, yet still cast us choice trimmings of the goodwill; you deep founts of heady virtue; you fine people, so lucky in love, bigger than you are. though our glory-baskings prove mostly silent, the rest of us are much obliged. recognize yourselves, because this toast's t'youse!

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Lindz said...

And I had a day yesterday when I was about ready to give up on love and goodness in the world in general. Thanks for reminding me that it's not quite yet time to give up.