Monday, September 25, 2006

easy rider

-tried to find out the meaning of Easy Rider.. if ever you wondered, check it out here.
-about 10 days ago, i sorted my wallet (a biannual event. whatever biannual REALLY means, it's applicable here) and lo and behold: out pops a post-it with the e-mail address of someone i met in Victoria over a year ago (likely even 2!). the currents of life are strange: it was my friend JoAnne's e-mail, who was roommates with Lucy mid-summer (AND girlfriend/muse/custodian to Chris, fellow Fisherman's Wharf dweller!!!) if you ask me, that's just too uncanny. go on, ask me...
-Heraclitus once said: 'A man's character determines his fate'... if only we could claim that a man also determines his character... (to add temperance: this bandying around of the word 'man' is just a pronomial colloquialism. women ARE fate.)
-somebody please hire me


JRD said...

Jokes, you say? I don't know what this joke competition is, but Im going to leave jokes anyways. Just because I can.

"Two penguins are taking a bath. The first penguin says to the second penguin, "HEY! Pass me the soap!" and the second penguin replies, "What do I look like? A typewriter?""

Q. Why do elephants wear yellow-soled shoes?
A. To float upside down in a bowl of custard.

S'Mat said...

woah! these aren't jokes! these are finely honed weapons of hilarity. the first i associate with nunchaku, mostly because i have no idea how one would use it. but the second, that's a freaking sabre!!

S'Mat said...

the apples and sunshine told me this trio...
Q: How many elephants can you fit in a Volkswagon?
A: Two in the front, two in the back.
Q: How do you know elephants are at your house?
A: There's a Volkswagon parked on the driveway.
Q: How do you know they've raided the fridge?
A: There's pawprints in the butter...