Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dead Bill: Hey Ted? Wanna play 20 questions?
Dead Ted: Okay! I got one!
Dead Bill: Is it a mineral?
Dead Ted: Yeah!
Dead Bill: Are you a tank?
Dead Ted: Whoa! Yeah!


Isa said...

heyy! thanks for correcting me :) i wont forget the soap opera anymore hehe. thanks for ur comments :)... i didnt get this post :S

S'Mat said...

you are most welcome. que rica! (only spanish i know...)

this post's from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. it takes them a while to fall into hell, so they get bored and play a game of 20 questions, also known as Vegetable, Animal, Mineral (usually the first question anyone asks)... because they are both equally retarded, they play it really well. it's all a big joke really.