Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the overherd

from 4 years ago (and in all seriousness): 'I am vaguely more smarter than a monkey'
from last night at cock'n'bull's craft night (an honest to goodness pickup sequence at 2am):
drunk camo girl wearing blueblockers: (speaking of the busboy) That guy is such a row-bot.
victim: huh? yeah...
dcgwbb: so.. are you from Canada?
v: (mumbles something into his glass)
dcgwbb: do you like 18th century english literature?
v: well, yeah.
dcgwbb: i just find it soooo english
we left. but then doubled back because we were howling so hard and had to hear more:
victim: (having found his mojo)... and this is why the produce section at Provigo...
we left for good.

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