Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Now this is hilarious. I don't quite remember from whence it came (G and I had a riotous afternoon over it last winter), but it still has me in stitches:
If you dare, click around... the 'aquatic monkeys' article is acutely idiotic (you can just hear the derisive snicker under phrases such as 'billions of years ago...' and ' day, one of them gave birth to a human') and Dr. Troy Franklin, Baptist demon exorcism specialist, presents quite the alternative to Halloween.


Lindz said...

I can't choose my favorite, each tid bit is more preposterous than the last. Be it the rap group Jiggy4Jesus, Bazooka Jesus bubble gum and Jesus-o-lanterns for Hallowe'en or the "science" project entitled "Women Were Designed for Homemaking."
Thanks for the giggle.

S'Mat said...

haha! the one about Designed Women cracked me up too. also, the idea of passing out Testamints... where did you find the Jiggy4Jesus?

Graham said...

That stuff still cracks me up. In an evolution course that I took a while back I used the experimental evidence gathered by Eileen Hyde and Lynda Morgan in a presentation that I gave to explain the difference between micro and macro-evolutionary phenomena (i.e. micro-evolution can be fostered through prayer... but not macro-evolution). But by far the best project is the one entitled "the thermodynamics of hellfire".

I used to be a delinquent and a vandal,
'til I got saved by that dude wearing sandals.

Christian rappers unite!

Eve said...

hahahaha. hey, wait a minute. This is real!

My faves: "Life doesn't come from non-life." and "women were designed for homemaking." Yow.

Lindz said...

Hey, they might win a Nobel Prize for that "Life doesn't come from Non-Life" - that's serious science there.
P.S. I think I might be falling for a member of the Jesus Brigade. I can't help myself, I think it's the temptation to corrupt him that's doing it. But I don't know if I actually could go through with it. I think that my guilt might get the best of me.

Jordan said...

Or perhaps he'll corrupt you? It's a well-known statistic that the North American demographic that has the most frequent and enjoyable sex is religious women. Oh! God! Yes!