Wednesday, September 06, 2006

immolation and determination

this season seems rife with people.. people who can talk fluidly about their plans for the future, their passed pasts, their stories. determination is in the air... people are hoarding ideas, nodding farewell to the what-me-worry of summer and reaffirming their designs for the upcoming year. some of our choice favourites of these people just whipped through town. my very good friends. it was glorious and exciting and turbocharged fun, where we 'natives' (my travel itinerary seems to be 'stay in one place and let the world come by and tell you about itself') were called upon to help access our shared Montreal. to unveil the change and recapture. these visits always affect me greatly, sometimes clamming me up with nostalgia or a heaviness of respect for the people i've loved or a roughening-up of my self-esteem (these are some dynamos). ok, i'm jibberjabbering. really just wanted to say: pleased to meet you. you all looked so well. and i miss you.

where i heard it: Carolyn's balcony as posed by Graham. Only conspicuous root: 'mole'
what it means:
1548, "to sacrifice, kill as a victim," originally an adj. (1534), from L. immolatus, pp. of immolare "to sacrifice," originally "to sprinkle with sacrificial meal," from in- "upon" + mola (salsa) "(sacrificial) meal," related to molere "to grind."

so, really, one salsa-fies when immolating. jeepers.


Eve said...

Hey! Don't just let things come to you.

I smell a trip to New York in the air...

Lindz said...

See...I told you she was after me to get after you to go to New York!!
So go to New York already!
And as an aside...I loved Carolyn's balcony. Any balcony you can observe random interpretive dance exhibitions from is a fine balcony by me.

Jordan said...

Maybe Tom should plan a Friday and Saturday night, October 6th and 7th, in NYC???