Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This guy's one funny elitist wacko. The post about the last Star Wars film is great, and the '8 year-olds, dude' is from the one about comic book innuendos.

ps. i was thinking about shaving my head. care to comment or talk some sense into/out of me?


Lindz said...

I say go fer the shaved head...well maybe not entirely shaved...but like a zero or a one...I don't know exactly what that means but it does mean something...it's very very very very short...the barber will know.
Definitely a better idea than the dye job or the dreads of first year.

pagno said...

tom. why NOT shave your head? funny, i've been thinking the same of late. i want to say if you do it, i'll do it, but i don't have the balls. or do i?

rogering me said...

i love imagining chicks with shaved heads, however i'm quite a stickler when it comes to applying attractiveness towards women with short hair, so it's a purely hedonistic charge. note, i'm not calling you a woman tom, but i assume that lindz is a lady (based on her lack of specific knowledge of the numbered shaving system...and of course that lindz is most likely short for lindsay); and pagno must also be a woman, givin that (s)he is questioning whether she has balls.