Tuesday, April 04, 2006

da bell! DA BELLS!!

Just point-form today:
- my socks came out of the dryer this morning already in pairs!!?!
- our upstairs neighbour stomped all over her apartment last night like a 5-year-old throwing a tantrum/pretending to be a majorette. we don't know why. for some reason, it gave me an adrenalin rush. and it wasn't solely because i ran upstairs, rang the doorbell and kicked her in the groin when she opened the door, in my mind. i remembered a Daily Planet show i'd seen 8 months ago about infrasonic sound and standing, naturally occuring waves prompting a fight/flight reflex in humans. it's something i'd like to mimic in electronic music. though, because the limen for human hearing is 20 - 20,000 Hz, these sounds fall outside of our perceptive range. i'm guessing they resonate in our chest and sinus cavities, influencing our naked resonance: eyeballs at 18 cycles a second, for example. but you can mimic this by generating two audible tones that only differ by 1 - 19 cycles (?), the cpm will hit you: voila, binaural tone. dropping back a few sentences here, on the DP show i saw, Natasha Stillwell cruised around to notoriously spooky spots in the UK with an infrasonic gun, and saw that most places, a standing wave, either created by draft or traffic disturbances or even an echoing heatbeat (which i thought was slightly different, but still interesting), could be found. so, next time you're either freakin' or freaking, think of the sound you can't hear. the long and short of this pointer is, my neighbour is a disturbed, spooky, weird, emaciated, scaly, vinegary, infected, afflicted, imbalanced, bullying, cantankerous, anal-polyp popping nuisance, and i'll be glad to be rid of her superimposing all her problems on cool people like us.
p.s. this site popped up when scouring for add'l info. funny. e.g.: http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Anti-Karate_20_22Custard_22_20Armor#1144121389
- i'm on day 3 of a mean, mean headache. i wish there was a hatchet in my head i could point at and say 'oh that's why'. but no. only pain. limped along Mont-Royal last night like a hunchback, groaning and clutching my forehead, wincing at headlight and pharmaprix glows alike.

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