Sunday, April 23, 2006

is there an opposite of a zephyr?

i hope there is, or else i'm gonna be tacking into the wind. tomorrow i'm blowing westerly for a fortnight spent with my mum and bex. i figure i won't know how much i've missed them until i see them again. also, it's louis the dog time!! last time i went back, the mutt sniffed around me pretty suspiciously, and we didn't click proper until he remembered i was the loose-leasher. so, i'm going to get on the horn and see if i can see you linz, lori and j&n, if you guys are reading this.. let's spend a bender!! in cow bay, if you're up for it?!! (there probably won't be too many days for me to go astray).for those who've never visited, i'll try and convey some over-worded codswallop to capture the cow at tides both high and low. also, i'll try and coopt my sister's digicam and set up something really exciting, such as pictures only a select few'll ever really care about..

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S'Mat said...

the opposite is the 'eurus', in case you're wondering. and the God of the East wind.