Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Courtiers of King Louis

It turns out Guilhomme's real name is Jaques. Apparently he's the King. He came over and yelled at us for a bit on Thursday. We were 'saved' by a regular, who requested a cigarette. Steve said he knew the man.. and asked him the whereabouts of his guitar. Here's a recollected transcription:
CSL dude: 'My axe is in the shop. I'm not normally a man to ask for cigarettes..'
Us: 'The shop? It's getting fixed?'
CSL dude: 'No, the pawn shop. I almost lost it last week as I didn't pay the man.'
Us: 'Do you need a light? What's your name?'
CSL dude: 'Yeah. People around here call me 'the Wolf'. There's too many Marks, you see. Like 5. Some of them also play guitar. It's to avoid confusion, like, 'Mark, heard you been tapping my blonde' 'No man, not me. You ask Mark about it?''
Us: 'Ok. So you're the Wolf?'
The Wolf: 'This guy's a Mark too.'
Mark 2: 'I'm actually Mark 3. Hey, what goes "Mark! Mark, Mark! Mark!"?'
Us: 'Er..'
Mark 2: 'A dog with a hare-lip!!' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
The Wolf: 'He plays the axe too.'
Us: 'The disfigured dog?'
The Wolf: 'Huh?'

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LINDZ! AHOY!! I think Jaques is your Billy Ray Cyrus guy. The fountain isn't yet flowing, so no-one's bathing, but I'm sure Jaques'll be among the first. He did point at it and wink at me once or twice, so I'm sure he has designs. Also, the triker is out, we saw him the first time in a year on Thursday. He looks the same. He didn't have the squirrel-feeder on the trike's back, so I wonder if he's given up on that particular hobby. Last August, there was a new guy, who we haven't seen for a while. We nicknamed him Bum-Fu, as he sometimes weilded numchucks and loved to work out, doing chin-ups on trees. He's probably the least stable of anyone, so I hope he makes it to the park this year. If I remember correctly, he has the tattoo '151' on his forehead, which is a graffiti code dotted around that park. Perhaps he's the rightful claimant to the throne? Hope there's no titular Battle-Royale..

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