Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Existential Aspirin

Nothing like a voice from the wilderness to jolt you back. Ta, Mr. Rogering Me.. I feel my return service would be to show just how right you are (extrapolating, if you will). Spit or swallow..

Assuming I don't know you, you've got a quick finger on a slow pulse. I've tried to keep this thing apersonal, and by that I mean less a personal op-ed experience and more a medium for others' interpretation; something a reader'll relate to without having to feel they're indulging me. But, considering words are just burps of metabolized experience, gassy thoughts, maybe it follows that I'm just covering my mouth at some attempt at passing them politely. You're right, I am not frank. It's a perennial worry that this thoroughly overlaps my private life, my interaction with people I care about, and those I'd like to care about me. I'd like to rejoinder a big ol' "But who is?", but that's beside the point.. I often do feel like I'm glancing off the meat of the matter, and never driving through to the bone. It might be coz I'm lazy, or coz I'm trying to stay comfortable, or it may simply be something I don't want to do.. I'm actually not sure the reason, a little from each column methinks.

Anyway, Mr Rogering Me, thanks for your considerate posts. I agree with you on most of them: Isabel IS freaking hot, I have a lot of loog rattling around etc.. However, I think you did misinterpret what was a sloppy or less than eloquent post: discrimination. In my understanding, 'discrimination' has come to be an indicator of gross social injustice. Though I feel, in etymological terms, it is a misnomer. I feel the original meaning has been perverted to indicate almost the opposite: if there was a sliding scale of discrimination, firing a black-guy for being black is actually not as 'full' an act of discrimination as noticing that he doesn't meet his deadlines (for example). In which case, discrimination IS needed, and successfully used, when his sloppy work ethic isn't up to office standards. We discriminate between traffic signals and come-ons at bars, of trends and hygiene habits.. arguably, the greater we discriminate, the greater our well-being. Meanwhile, ethnic slurs (best example I can find) are actually an act of 'poor' discrimination.. or indiscrimination. Of course, this is some kind of revival of ancient Greek thought, a society that quite happily prospered from slave labour.. Tell me if I've reiterated myself uselessly here for missing the thrust of your point..

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steve and i, after a swell sunday afternoon with his grandparents, went to an empty carre st louis. drank a drink, and tried to get our party bearings. they recently opened ballroom, at $15 (on a sunday? because of dj unknown??) was a no-go.. if they need ballroom, they can keep it. i wasn't there to dance around people's egos like they were a tiki-god. we trod up to blizzarts, that place was another easter ego hunt, full of queen shebas and the guys trying to outlame each other in front of them. so we tried ballroom again (it was 11.30, and we had some dance we needed to slap down) as there must've been a mistake. no, still $15. so we went into the so-called Easter of Doom at Saphyr. perfect!!!! it was goth-metal techno night. we joined the vampires with beers and red bull. so much red bull, in fact, that we opted to leave by unordinary means: over the rooftops. the following 2 hours, we hopped on various roofs, exploring and climbing (my light is low from a cold, so most of it was steve pulling spidey-stunts). i've been needing to get on the proverbial roof for a while, so this is our mutual mission: it's an act of reclamation. our city.
(i had a brief epiphany in Saphyr! it's been bothering me for years: why are there always shells in a girl's bathroom? i think i know. considering they spend a lot of time in there, perhaps it's because girls see it as one of the few places they can let down their defenses? it's the statement: 'you can take your shell off here'. maybe the shells are among the few to hold witness to the raw, tender beneath?
or maybe it's just another lame bullshit nicecessity that girls are full of...)


Anonymous said...


Why'd you have to end such pondering with "lame bullshit nicessities?" Do you like hairy-legged and -pitted women? How about let's give up brushing our teeth, and while we're at it, fuck wearing period protection! Let it drip!!!

S'Mat said...
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S'Mat said...

also, i thought it would be funny to slam some incongruency against the 'discrimination' blurb

S'Mat said...

that's a horrible idea!!

no, i have a bit of the ol' misogynist in me right now. hence the comment. don't worry, i don't think having shells in the bathroom or not has much to do with the menstrual flow. the reason it might be 'bullshit' is because the function is a little fuzzy.. but then, what do i know? if you want it straight, i actually LIKE shells in the bathroom. also, the hairy women question -> to a degree, it's cool.. if a girl's legs are like Geena Davis' eyebrows or the growth that holds Robin Williams' back dandruff, i'd be impressed, but she wouldn't find a direct compliment from me. but then again, i don't think the hairy-legged swamp-bitch would give a soft shit.

Lindz said...

I had shells in my bathroom for awhile...but not any more...have you ever tried to dust sand?? Personally I don't think there's any psychology/karma/inner workings of women's minds to be revealed in the shell business. Personally I think that shells in the bathroom are sort of like training wheels for interior design. Bathroom...water...beach...shells...it's not much of a stretch, and we all love to collect shells on our beachcombing forays (especially the coastal among us)...we all have them and it's a good way for women to test out the Martha Stewart in each of us before moving on to more ambitious pallets...
Just a thought though...I could be wrong.