Wednesday, October 04, 2006


alright. so, as preamble, in a titanic effort to consolidate my attentions (the experimental life-orientation method i described a few movements ago appears to lack pragmatism. i'll try to show their design later...) i'm going to stand rampant, clang the blog-anvil for a while tonight and then e-fast until i accomplish my intermediate goals (gaol)...

'tis a 7-10 split between 1st quarter and full moon and i'm as peaky as a flock of starlings. cannot wait until she passes through... 'til she crones...

i tripped Heath Ledger on Monday.

my experimental life-orientation method is stupid and it follows as such: if our sentience is a centralized community of learned limits and pattern reinforcement (and so much more), then... aw, fuck it. too stupid for words and entails attaching analog 'gravity' values to phenomena to achieve liberation from predetermined (overlooked) response. fuck this blog... i'll be back when i am.

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Lindz said...

A question and some words of advice.
Did you do it on purpose?? Trip him, I mean? In the same vein as defenestrating (that's got to be spelled wrong) Brian Mulroney?
If you do find yourself in gaol, this is what I have learned about it in my current line of work. 1) hope for the 2 year term or more, then you go to the federal pen, and they have bigger budgets..much cushier...better programs 2) Be friendly or you'll wind up dead, but not too friendly or you'll wind up with a boyfriend. 3) Make yourself indispensable: become a bookie, or a drug runner, or a purveyor of finely crafted shanks. I hear plastic soup spoons make for fine starting material.
And good luck, my friend, I'll see you when you get out.