Friday, June 02, 2006

Slack Dog Bladders

Lindz! Never before had I heard of racism to animals!! You should definitely give it a go.. Here's a few quick tips to get started: 1) Target the white or otherwise deformed ones, that way the people you know will probably excuse it a little quicker. 2) Take subsequent dog by the preferred end (double check to make sure it IS white, and has white owners.) 3) Spray paint the motherfucker black. 4) Spin the shit out of that there black dog. 5) Release. 6) Repeat as necessary. 7) Have another scotch.


pagno said...

this is too funny! it's the next olympic sport: throw the black dog put.

Lindz said...

I had a black remember him...he would have loved this sport...I can just visualize him...ears flying straight out from his head. After all, his name was Maverick...that boy was born to fly.