Friday, June 30, 2006

Black Dog resurrected

'Silenced' is their latest album. Guts and glory. Less counterhythm in it than 'Spanners'. I feel their focus in this was the production. Each static splurge is chromey, the details are deviled, the whispers whiskered. This is not drunk man's techno. There is indeed an Andy and Ed sized hole there, but the brothers Dust, dust it up and off. This approximates 'Bytes' more than 'Spanners'. Nebular. Ephemeral. Buoyant. Eolian.

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I like Miami. I really do. It's the only bar where, because the Mens is broken, the boys use the Ladies, and all three girls leave the seat up either out of consideration or out of a special manual means of peejection. At Miami, I truly hope the latter.

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pagno said...

long live the miami!