Friday, June 30, 2006

Cerne Abbas

Check out the knobbly club on that guy. Also, check out his clubby knob. Nobody knows from whence he came, but his priapism's lasted at least 400 years. The barren would lie together on his shlong, rumour stating it would induce fertility. This is yet another Dorset heirloom, cut into the chalk that lies maybe a foot or two beneath the undulating downs. For generations, people have been declaring 'let's have a pricknic on the Cerne Abbas Giant this Sunday'. You cannot see him from space, as Google Earth's resolution is decidedly poor on this segment of the UK. I think it is very important to note that Church parishes would crop up close to pagan symbols like this. The reasons are manifold. Predominantly: 1) The Church knew the psychological importance of semiotic assimilation. The Devil was cunningly given hooves to wear to spite the pagan symbols (eg. Pan the faun). Father Christmas (Old Saint Nick) was originally a wayward spirit who'd actually loot your house, not leave gifts. The pentagram, a smear campaign against factions, both Christian and not. 2) There is power in them old hills. Cathedral's were engineered to resonate: to project; to thrum with reamplified energy; to exhalt. Beyond their stalwart import and awe, they are calculated to hum human. Churches and abbeys and cloisters, on the other hand, were used as taps to a pre-existing and natural resonance. To appeal to the Folk, you must control the source. Only then can you direct the flow.

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Sir Stevalot said...

Dude, this made the laugh so hard, i had to grab a paper bag and hypoventilate. I was wondering why a warrior would go to battle before finishing the battle, if you kno wha i mean.