Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My backblog just reached critical mass, and now I feel I should pass comment on the last few days. Work ran out for me -as did my employer's funding- just in time to issue a visit from my good friend James. Generous, gung-ho and heartwrung, he's good people. And we had a fly few days: Drinks in the MR park last Tuesday night with Zayna amidst fireflies and sleeping hobos; Chargrilled Red Snapper in JM park on Wednesday with a quick forray through Miami and Tokyo; England vs. Trinidad game at Janos, zooms through Carre St. Louis, a chance meeting with Gillian and Ben through the streetfair, a Biftek clown stakeout, Tristan's farewell BBQ at his and Carolyn's house and Saphir on Thursday. James left Friday morning, but things kept rolling. Steve had a gift of a pair of Allouettes tickets from his Grandpa, so we went. It was gladiatorial. 6 beers cost us $48. That's 5 pitchers and foosball until you cry at the Bif. And then the roomies came home, and we met at Miami. From there we went to the Fringe Party at Academy with Uwe, and I saw Aziza and Alex (who turned out to be the roommate of Uwe's ex-boyfriend, strange these overlaps of shared life). I realized just how much the Fringe is a bilious monster that eats its own offspring. Then we had a Saturday morning romp at Dusty's for breakfast and met up with Isabel who'd just come back in all her freckley beachbuffed glory from Mexico and we went for drinks at the Blizzarts and then off to Korova. Sunday was a sweatfest, and we waved Amy off into the blue. Back to the United Kingdom. She left Canada for ever that Sunday afternoon. I'll miss her terribly. France and Korea tied and the Wiz and I then went to a play, then perspired (almost expired) through the movie Deep Blue, which, as far as nature videos go, I'd give a 3.5 outta 5, as while visually stunning, there was something a little halfbaked and disingenuous about having Pierce Brosnin narrate over images of sea lion pups getting batted around by orca whales. Yesterday Graham came home, Edmonton got dismantled and I had a cheeseburger.

I just gave myself a friggin headache.


amy x said...

Hi Thomas,
life still hectic as hell.../heaven?
miss you..for real.

amy said...

the kiss makes me look like i think im militant. lets sort this out.

S'Mat said...

corporal amy,
i was wondering about the x, but it took me the longest time ever to realize that that was the kiss of which you were talking about. christine thumped in your honour tonight, a brief burst of 15 or so floor-whams. she was probably using a dog to do it. but don't worry, it wasn't because we were laughing or having fun here or anything without you, just an involved game of UNO and her severe mental imbalance. i think she misses you too. who uses the pick-up line 'you remind me of my niece' anyways?
how's there?
major tom