Wednesday, June 13, 2007

picker flicker

recent randoms:
- cucumber plants enjoy accelerated growth with the occasional sprinkling of 2-day old beer

- i have a compulsive and barely restrainable need to tell people about boogers, i actually noticed it when i caught myself REACHING UP TO A STORECLERK'S NOSTRIL, unconsciously it appeared i was compelled to remove it myself.. i should watch out for that (i was disciplined for such behaviour back in kindergarten)

- i changed my 'potential' dj name from Robotommy to Mangleloid... not that it really matters

- would anyone suggest a photo manipulation software suite?

- volunteering is one of the most direct actions in which you can positively involve yourself in yourself (and claim it as self-determination)...

- silk blouses billow the most when you ride a bike the wrong way into traffic

- absence and presence are ambivalent in each other's absence_presence

- some 'comics' suck, others will warp the way you look at reality... and the only way to know (other than by others' commendations) is to read them

- and, sadly, another to the blogbituary: dashes to dashes, dots to dots, RIP... miss you... T


Anonymous said...


Please call Dad.


Indiana James said...

Hey dude,

The booger thing I get. Actually reaching out to pick it for someone, I don't know about, but the thought has crossed my mind. Flowing skirts, mmmmmmm. Who knew cucumbers liked beer.

Mood Indigo said...

What happened to methesequel? I go there now to investigate...

Eve said...

And do you have control cucumbers? I'm skeptical.

S'Mat said...

dad- hi dad! will call today!!

indie- what i forgot to mention was that it was my blouse (i got it for a few dollars, and the patterns are outrageously florid... buncha nymphs drinking and playing flute in paradise... but obviously belonging once to an old lady - even came with shoulder pads) sorry, did i just ruin your image?

moody - heya!! sadia just folded her hand and then sequelized herself in facebook fashion...

eve - i don't know what you mean, to be sure. martinis are out. i'm sober.

DunePrincess said...

I guess at least you also don't have a compulsive need to eat boogers.... although picking other people's is scary enough :)

So, do you find silk blouses are soft and silky against your skin - is this observation based on your experience or other peoples?