Thursday, February 23, 2006

War On Puddlism

Why do people wearing knee-high, lava-proof, 'I-eat-pectin-free-orphanjam-on-toast' jackboots and then tiptoe around the skinniest of puddles? Come on!! I wade though them in suede slip-ons, and my footsies are drier than a show-poodles quoif. People, embrace pedestrianism!! Wear your shoes out when you wear your shoes out. Why inconvenience yourself for a convenience? I emplore you, in this post 9-11 world, if you don't walk through them, the puddles have won.

OK. So, as I was landing myself a job today, I finally had the idea for Los Rawkiss Knee Bucklers' Cabaret that I needed. ***CHECK HERE FOR SPORADIC UPDATES: THE IDEA IS CURRENTLY BEING INCUBATED*** As I'm trying to shimmy into psy-fi right now, AND come into my ongoing 10 year fantasy of creating music, I'm going to compose a psy-fi soundtrack!! I've got the stipulative story all lined up. Now I just need to factor in the fun. But most importantly, figure out a DJ name, though, technically, I wouldn't be a DJ. I was thinking of a few: The Learnererer, Savage Cabbage, Mr. Mister, Captain Crow or Captain Turnip, DJ Welfare, DJ PalindromemordnilaP JD or, in that ilk: rorriM JD, CollyWobble, PuddleJumper, PigLicker. Or maybe something witty, like: WD40 on the Fly, The Chemical Single-Child, Hungry Hungry Hip, Trance'n'dance. Or political, like: Electricity is for the Weak, Freakanada, Willy Wonky, USreal, ChillWhitey, CondeleezaRiceIsTheAntiChrist, TesticleTariff etc. Basically, I need someone to decide for me... it's too bad I'm saving Optimus Prime as the name for my first-born. Alright, I'm off to celinebriate my gainful employment some more at Laika. Later!!

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Isabel Brinck said...

Um, so your sopping wet "suede slipons" this morning... they got sprinkled with water from the nearby sink?? :P