Thursday, February 07, 2008


some interesting clips and media...

- Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected... saw this at Just For Laughs, then a friend reminded me of its existence last year.

- Billy's Balloon reminds me a little of my dad's globophobia, or, fear of balloons

- Monsatan and Faux News kissykissy

- I'm Alan Partridge... My favourite comedy series of all-time (season 1 is from '97; season 2 from 2002). I think it's genius.

- I was wondering what happened to the coverage on the Anthrax Attacks... something I read a few years ago now in palatable 'clip' form.

- And lastly, when one takes into consideration the use of oil to underwrite the value of currency, this article can explain much of the recent saber-rattling against Iran. Sure, there's many sparking loose wires in here, but what else, other than conjecture, do we really have to go on? This one also helps explain the money system.


van d. said...

Heya! its v. potluck v. so nice to see you keep your blog updated! I will be sure to check out these clips you have posted here.

until next potluck, or before,


Eve said...
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Eve said...

Jesus, S'Mat.

That "article" is dreck. His assumptions are ridic:

"After all, he has no interest in peace or in honoring his commitment to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis."

"I expect that Bush made a similar “offer they could not refuse” to the various leaders of the Gulf States when he met with them earlier this month."

"In this case, Bush went to the trouble of traveling half-way around the world to tell the Saudis and their friends in the Gulf States that they were going to continue linking their oil to the dollar or they were going to “sleep with the fishes”."

Oh wait, just read the article with a critical eye.

Do you honestly believe that Bush, a charming doofus at best, is secretly manipulating OPEC? Come on! Also, do you think the Saudi princes give a fuck about the fullness of 'the people's' tummies? Seriously, dude.

Enough with the conspiracy theories. I remember after 9-11 and you tried to tell me it was the Israelis. *rolls eyes*

Dont fight with pigs. You'll both get covered in shit, but the pig will enjoy it.

S'Mat said...

I agree, the article itself is pants. It's shoddily written, incongruent and poorly cited.
I don't believe Bush is comparable to even the cotton-wool in Marlon Brando's mouth...
BUT to think about America's financial and military malefeasance and to link the dollar in competition to the Euro does seem worth further investigation. If a central bank controls the rates at which foreign nations trade, then it would explain how the US could rack up such huge debts with impunity, and why Iran is seen as a threat. The Iranian oil bourse has received little mainstream coverage. Why?
On the 9/11 bit, I may've overstated it if I said the Israelis were behind it. But it does serve their interests (the first thing Netanyahu said upon hearing the attack was 'This is great for Israel'). And there were some fishy, muffled back-stories involved in the muddle, such as which companies owned the airport securities, which lobbyists got to push through certain agendas.
Regardless, I believe that the actions your government has made would make it unwise not to believe in conspiracies. I can list some important ones, if you'd like. Ones that have been whited out in the press.

All that said. I like your pig-wrestling quote.