Tuesday, February 26, 2008

blinking out of my sunday window, i saw my middle-aged neighbour in her kitchen. she was wearing a big yellow bee costume. she looked busy.

today i reformatted and restored my ailing computer. i wiped it clean like they did McMurphy. i lost all my archives in the process. perhaps the Chief'll finish it off tonight.


Forest Parks said...

Ahhh damn that.

I don't have any back ups right now. I need to sit down in the next few weeks and get a back up of everything important.

Eve said...

hahaha. Nice busy bee.

I love spying on neighbors. Not very interesting, really, watching someone do the mundane activities of life, but still, there's something I enjoy about watching people who don't know they're being watched, kind of like photographing people when they're just doing whatever as opposed to posing.

Princess Pointful said...

Eek. An eerie premonition.