Tuesday, September 25, 2007


more fun with statcounter... some recent keywords that brought people to whomunculus...

* ngumuntu ngumuntu - a person is only a person through their relationship to others
* real cat stuck in the refrigerator magnet
* toilet taboos
* bungstarter definition
* ferrets tail partly bitten off
* cyclonic elevator dredge
* accidentally ejaculated
* commercial uses for ocelot
* english poem oni will use my power to stop litter
* pong-go dog disposal
* what to do in a hostage situation
* farts and carbon monoxide detector
* my ferret has a swollen anus
* dromedary costume
* the thumb strengthen
* use the globe and mail's newstype for the hostage note

the top two hits i get are: "tickle monster" and "greek word for planet means"


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Eve said...

so many funny ones, "commercial uses for ocelot" - I think that was my old roommate

somewhere joe said...

"tickle monster"... that was me. Sigh. Now you know.

Sparky said...
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