Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pretty funny

statcounter's 'keywords used in search engines' that brought the querent to whomunculus... now printing these could set off a perpetual search engine feedback loop...

bumpy skull
greek word planet
chantal's stained glass
chainsaw mishaps
thales tale
spine wave fuck the company
michelle o'brodovich
planet greek word
greek word planetes means
foreskin, biggest,
greek word that means planet
the word planet comes from a greek word that means
the name planet comes from
prehensile toes
consciousness and thermodynamics
word for wanderer
marbles in foreskin
powaqqatsi, pronunciation
pore on my ear
axe commercial porcelain
10 things about me
russian tickle torture
tom jarjour photo
the word planet comes from a greek word that means:
staggers and jags origins
lenny kravitz swearing
the oddest person ive ever met
cancer i mean children
why are skulls bumpy
stm tickle monsters
meaning of the carcass by charles baudelaire
dorset's motto is 'who's afear'd'.
greek word for planet
the word planet comes from what greek word
becky stage


Eve said...

Marbles in foreskin!? AAAAAHHHHH!

Jordan said...

I always knew we were related...