Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The above title is one of the options we sometimes have at work when a call gets rejected. It was the funniest thing I could think off while working.. and other than the fact that I heard the name Garth on three different answering machines, I didn't really think of much else. However, the rest of the work scene, while aromatic, is surprisingly cool. Though I did have one experience today in the bathroom that only became odd because I thought of it too much: I went to the bathroom twice during my shift, and each time there was this shifty chinese dude just milling around. Now, i thought it may've been possible that we were on the same bladdercycle (a brief aside: i just put some pizza pops in the preheated-to-450-degrees oven on waxed paper. how do i know this is safe? because i was forced to read Fahrenheit 451 when I was 12. thank you liberal education) but how could i be sure? maybe he was on a more frequent cycle than mine, and other people had run into him there, and were thinking the same thing? or maybe he'd never even left the first time? but then I thought, it was most likely that it was just coincidence that we were both there both times and that he looked shifty.. and maybe it could be that he was thinking the same about me. which led me to worry about him telling coworkers about this dodgy white guy lurking in the bathrooms. i don't need that rep 2 days into my new job. give me a week.

i have to take these algerian dates out of my coat pocket soon.

(updated aside: using paper in the oven ISN'T a viable cooking method)

ps. i know it's starting to sound like i hang out in bathrooms here, but i dropped my phone in another toilet, so i'm basically unavailable. last time i did that my mum made a funny about me talking out my ass.

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Isabel Brinck said...

Confess, boy: you are a bathroom lurker. And I am the bathroom police.

"What are you doing in there?"