Tuesday, March 14, 2006

meanwhile... high-ranking dog-shit officers attempt to rally the poop-troops after yet another attempt to recrapture Montreal goes awry...

It was low-tide in the mall and I was watching a pair of gnarly old goat dudes watch a pair of boutique-girls eat a pair of over-stuffed burritos, when I re-cognized that life, although the ultimate spectator sport, can be pretty graceless sometimes. Amidst these mall-humans, crustaceans and mud-slurpers alike, shuffling from lottery kiosk to bench and back, were very few instances of grace. Me included (my pants-fly is broken, I have underarm hair growing on my neck etc.). But why's it so important, I wondered? And then I realized I'd been thinking of it for a while, that everyone thought of it, at some base level, and that us crabs had served that day by lowering the flashpoint.

In it's brief flares of existence, grace seems to die when pointed at. Seems to vie against the spectacle. Seems to fly only in the periphery of pedestrian focus. All efforts are either to attain or channel it. Grace is a 'realizer' of sorts.. In the imperceptibly narrow space between an idea and its accordant action, grace grows. It actually imbues an action with idea. Harmonizes the two. Very few other words conduct this sort of metaphysical fluidity. It almost appears as if we have a dearth of "good" words.

What is grace? A skill? Or a state of flow? Can it be commodified? Can it sustain happiness? Can it be quantified or given a measure? Is it somehow a signifying agent, flickering around material like semantic lightning? How do we recognize it, appreciate it, accelerate it? Are we all looking to live in a state of grace as imagined? I obviously have no answers, nor would I assert them if I did, but I'm sure it lies at the heart of the perennial question of questions: What makes for a half-decent Bollywood movie?

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Lindz said...

So this blog has become my new favorite way to procrastinate(like I need another one of those)...
RE: "Ever see someone skydive naked? I have, and it's horrible"...first of all I think that we can solve the seat up-seat down issue by switching to Asian style squat toliets in co-gender public wc's. And if we're talking about home toliets well then I say wash your hands after you put the seat down and before you touch you're "winky"...chivalry is NOT dead ya know? The princess has spoken.
And secondly re: the dep vote, can I just say first that I love the deps and I miss them like crazy?? Secondly...the JVT boys were very cool dep folk...true about the borrowing money to buy the weed, but it was only because the Couche Tard bank machine was out of order, and the dude had already been called. You can't exactly unpage someone. Desparate times call for desparate measures. They also used to refund our massive, copious, ridiculously unquantifiable amounts of empties without smirking at us.
I wasn't really one for classes that year. And Tom, I don't regret not letting you throw that TV out the window. Although if you can find some poor sap to let you throw a TV out their window, let me know...I'd love to see what happens.