Thursday, March 23, 2006

License to Foos (what a Thumbcentric world we live in..)

Rrrolling up the Rrrim to Win shouldn't really be giving me mild depressions. It's not my fault, I place the blame solely on the Tim Whorton's employee that picked the cup out in the first place. She's the loser here. It's akin to having the dep guy choosing the scratch 'n' win card for you, it's just poor lotto form. Let me point out the cup I want. How too does the cheery 'please play again' encourage me to get another cup of doubledouble (or 'two two' as some Quebs call it)? How did I 'play' the first time? By simply finishing my coffee and then remembering to do it? Isn't playing supposed to be associated with fun? This contest appeals more to obsessives and people with thumbs than true gamers (though, I must admit, I don't roll the rim, I chew it). Bake the freaking Rav4 key into a donut. That'd be fun. Because then you could order the donut with the key sticking out of it. Or how about wrestling the BBQ from a bear? (Though I'd want to keep the bear. We'd be pals. We'd listen to trance music and Enya together. I'd take it to bars, teach it to smoke and play foosball. Bear wrangling wouldn't be too drastic a lifestyle change really. Owning a BBQ seems like the real hassle here.) But I digress. Rrroll Up The Rrrim To Win! Gimme a break.. Lamest game I've ever played. It's a more suitable name for a modern take on the Karmasutra. HAHAHA. 'Please play again, for hours at a time.'


Lindz said...

I threw away a cup a few weeks ago without rrolling up the rim. I'm convinced that the cup was my ticket to the new car, and I've been kind of depressed ever since. I keep waiting for a pair of children to dig it out of the garbage and then I'll swoop in and claim prior ownership...kind of like that Montreal case I've heard about recently...but alas, nothing so far. I don't even know why it depresses me so much - I don't want any of those prizes, I just want to win them so I can sell them. Is that bad??
On a related topic, a friend of mine was telling me the other day that you can order a Wayne Gretzky at T-Ho's - 9 cream, 9 sugar. Was he pulling my leg?? I mean come on, if a doubledouble is like a meal, a Wayne Gretzky...hell that thing must be thick enough to stand concrete coffee. Why don't you have some coffee with your cupful of sugar and your litre of whipping cream???
D'ya think that it's just an Alberta or an Edmonton thing?? I mean they're pretty nutty over their 80's mullet-topped hockey dream team here. They name streets and stuff after them. I don't think Montreal has a "Rocket" Richard street yet do they? Lots of streets named after dead politicians, just none named after hockey players.
Sorry for the thought train.

rogering me said...

you mean, you don't get the satisfaction of hearing a quebecer say, like a 12-year old who's smoked a pack a day since he was 6, "lahhrge coffeee wit de double double"? i thought that was why they brought Timmy's to quebec?