Monday, January 08, 2007

Subvert Normality

an excerpt from an excerpt (this citation needs not ethical practice...) after this last indulgence, the post's'll all return to the rambling prattle herd you're used to.

"Perhaps the greatest impediment to peace is a failure of nerve, a lack of imagination. What if we could hear the echo in the human heart of a vision which haunts and lures us - a vision which is the true source of life and its goal - a vision of deeper communion... The Australian poet, Kevin Hart, has written a little Haiku poem:

Each day forces us
to totter on planks we hope
will become bridges

Those planks don't seem much; for some they won't be enough. Of course this little poem lacks the rhetoric of the quick fix, the easy answer. But the "planks we hope will become bridges" are real, and small, and within our grasp, and this image exposes an inner stubbornness, a resolute willingness to be captured by something more. Our future is beckoning, and it shapes us even more than our past.
Is it possible to let go of the self-defeating parables we too often tell ourselves, and to live out of and into the vision of a deeper communion?"
- Philip Carter
So I've taken personal solace in this, despite its call for a deeper unification of collective desire.. sight to see the now, vision to see the future and the will to see their seams.


Sparky said...

Cool -- collective desire leeching out into the collective unconscious.

Also liked the story set in Goldstream -- as any newbie will attest, it's quite the location. I can also, as a fellow Montrealler recently arrived on this funny rock, totally jive with the Victoria/castration comment. I think we're living slightly parallel lives, bro.

You got some sense of style -- writing-wise, I mean...

Mood Indigo said...

That is a gorgeous representation of what IT is ALL about. I'm stealing it. Where did you come across it?

S'Mat said...

thank you sparky. after perusing your blog, i find yours a high compliment indeed. we do seem to be allied on quite a few levels.

MI- I received The Ethical Imagination by Margaret Somerville for Xmas. This is an early segment of the supposed 'imagination' focus she might be taking (i got waylaid by some sci-fi, again)

Mood Indigo said...

So she quotes Carter? I seriously just LOVE this. I'm not usually that swayed by excerpts or quotes - but this one just hits the nail on the head.