Friday, December 15, 2006

scrapbook DEC 15th

k. new format. friday (if i post) ll be the quick-writ thought-scrapbook. i'll try and keep it pretty loose and casj, and hopefully it'll endure longer than the word-of-the-day feature i eventually yawned at... (though if you have any particularly pertinent or strident words, please post... i collect them)
  • Madonna is a youth vampire.
  • a dawn to cauterize the rent night
  • blogbituaries? RIP Mac, Onechildleftbehind etc.
  • moisturizers? dermatological ballast for the overclean?
  • wine rings on the computer
  • lost/found note to my mum: '...mostly because immediacy is more of a removal of self than its delivery: its too late to make any decision in the present.'
  • Wedding Crashers sequel: Christmas Crashers?
  • spitting into the rain, does anyone else feel compelled?

BROKEN TELEPHONE OF THE WEEK (I have little ears): Foaming Bath Groins (grains)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "He went to get spastic down by the waves" - my mother

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Eve said...

so that's how you spell casj, I like it.