Monday, July 17, 2006

Stand By What You Don't Say

um, today just one or two questions:
---how do astronauts shave in space?---do you get wetter when running in the rain than when walking?---does riding a bike cost you as much energy as walking (by time, not distance?)---one nerd's tshirt said: shrodinger's cat is dead. is it?

and now a video rodeo:

sigur ros - children running through a place where people grow rocks, apparently following a shitty drummer. try not to focus on said shitty drummer and it's pretty ok, though it didn't end exactly the way i'd've liked
massive attack - a singing fetid fetus. one of my alltime favourite songs, until i saw this video
peter gabriel - through the hormo(ro)nic haze of my early teens, i seem to remember this winning MUCH music's 'video of the year' several years running (mid 90's), and probably the years before
bjork - bjork
coolio - one of the best cocktail-party conversation killers is to drop the rumour that coolio allegedly has an IQ of 180
shpongle - crosspollination, i get the feeling this video's a bit illegit
white zombie - for you jordman
garbage - yay!!!
aha - take on me, how could i not
catatonia - The Ballad of Tom Jones
amon tobin1 - 4 Ton Mantis
amon tobin2 - proper hoodidge (for fans)
amon tobin3 - one of THOSE houseguests...
goldie - innercity life (my first shroomusic experience)
leftfield - alright! that one from the Hackers soundtrack
daft punk - da punk (it's a dog's life)
chemical brothers - skeletonic
chemical brothers - very good dance video
smashing pumpkins - rocket. shitty video (pre-release?). great song.


pagno said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! that bjork video is AWESOME. and so funny! is it me, or is there additional voice in the video compared to the song? yodeling? i don't seem to recall...

one of my all time fave videos is DROP by THE PHARCYDE.

something i've always wondered about this video: since it's shown backwards and their singing is on the music, did they have to learn how to sing or mouth the words in reverse?

Lindz said...

Well, since you shared some of your favorite videos with us...I think it only fitting to share one of my favorites with you...I had the unbelievable fortune to see this video recently and now I can help but share the fortune with my friends.

A special note: keep an eye out for the Dachshunds, and the little angel girls...are those really necessary?? And the supercool thumb dance, and then hold on for the's a must see.

I can't do the fancy link things yet...but here's the address:

Did you get my email, Tom?? If not happy belated...I hope that your birthday was just super. XOXO
...sorry...the music inspired me.

Eve said...

I think you must get wetter in the rain while running. Think of driving in a car and how much faster the drops splatter the windshield when you are driving than when you are standing still. If you get to your (dry) destination faster though, you may avoid very wet minutes walking in the rain.