Sunday, January 08, 2006

You know you're in Quebec when...

My thoughts are too jumbled right now to really warrent an entry, but it's 8.50 something on a Sunday morning and I have to ground some nervous energy here. So I'll dangle myself over the void for a while... Of all the things I could be thinking of, outward indicators of current residency in Québec has somehow jostled itself to the forefront. Yup, it's time for some stereotypes

You Know You're In Québec When...
  • More experience is required to carve smoked-meat than to manage a bank (min. 3 years seems to be the posted norm).
  • You have a signed head-shot of Burt Reynolds in the glove compartment of your mini-van.
  • An ice-related accident seems reasonably certain to claim your life today.
  • You know someone who keeps their TV on top of their microwave. The microwave might not have a door. The person probably uses the door as a dinner tray. This person is unaware that he is the saddest person you know.
  • Your car was broken into for 3 cigarettes and a jar of pennies. Seperate incidents.
  • Someone saying 'Hydro-Québec' uses the same amount of venom necessitated by the word 'Haliburton'.
  • Your favourite Portuguese Rotisserie closes early to throw a disco-party.
  • You've been solicited by a door-to-door meat salesman.
  • Last year's phonebook is still in your stairwell.
  • You think it's funny to start a list entitled You Know You're In Quebec When...

Please feel free to send me any you can think of, and I'll post them...

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Isabel's Scarry Story:

When I was littler, I used to walk around biting my lower lip in quite a big way all the time. Now I have two little mini-bel tooth marks down there showing where the front ones clawed into my skin as I fell from a seesaw sometime long ago.While jumping on my parents' bed before nursery school, I also bit my tongue and bled for what seemed like hours but I don't see a scar from that. Not physical anyway. ;)

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