Friday, January 20, 2006

eat it before it congeals... a primitive skill

Ok. I seem to be enslimed, like a corpuscle of my very own making, beneath a reticulum of my own goo. I'm quite sick. Or contaged, as Isabel'd enjoin. Went to Parking last night, where i actually witnessed a topic that'd recently came up in conversation: a guy who pings the gaydar like a game of Arkanoid, but then heteros out and defrauds the nearest girl. Amazing social versatility. I watched it intensely... guy's got the emblematic fauxhawk, the tight baby-blue shirt, milk maid's complexion... took his shirt off... how gay, you say? Perhaps too gay. He shimmied up to a striking young girl, whom he obviously didn't know (as could be deduced from her initial reticence (confusion?) to dance) and they ended up doing stuff to each other. What an incredible scheme. Present both orientation options, to the normative directed perception they cancel each other out neatly, and sweep in to collect the girl standing gormlessly amidst the ruins of her own preconceptions. Brilliant and as sleazy as Ben Mulroney with a hipflask of GHB.

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Graham told me he clicked my profile's keyword, TREEHOUSE and got sent to other blogsites that shared that interest. The first profile to pop up is a dude who lists Primative Skills as an interest. Click on that, and you get sent to profiles sharing (whatever the fuck a PS is) his interest. He shares that particular hobby (?) with a 47 year old from Arkansas called Grizz and another guy who lists Beaded Moccasins (they're a sin, and mock themselves, though i would wear them) as one of his. All are from the States.
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These here streets seem populated largely by a particular ethnic group, who, as a culture, seem endlessly fascinated by the charbroiled chicken. The women trawl the avenues like vigilante knifefighters looking for the cheapest deepfreezed cod. The men have a particular way of talking, not in a group, per se, but holloring across the street to each other while walking in the same direction. I think these two genders are from the same culture (they're all the same height, and every one looks like they're hoarding all their smiles for Easter) but i've never seen them talk directly to each other. Hmmmm.

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