Thursday, January 19, 2006


dance robots are the future. my friend, steve, and i talk about robots and dancing a lot. and so it wasn't long for our conversation to drift to robots that dance. we're pretty certain they'll exist. not like, 'you got served' style dancing, or the robo-waltz, but in that self-contained, but stimulated, state of gleedom you get when you really throw down. like, burst-a-blood-vessel-in-your-eye type dancing. where you're a split step ahead of the music, and almost feel like if you weren't to dance, the music would cease to exist. but dance robots? somehow, there's something sinister to it all, deep down.

if dancing is, if not liberating, then at least channeling, some form of liberty, AND robots are born into subjugation, where, under their very condition of being (or nomenclature), they are indentured to toil, then dancing robots is almost a cruel joke. there'd have to be some Asimovian robolution as a precursor. a 'Rob Marley' would have to croon about righteous freedom. robots would have to be freed, and the word 'robot' would be PCd to the brink of slander. because of their make-up, they could go anywhere they like. if i was an ex-robot, and wanted to dance, i'd head to Jupiter, for sure. not in it, because it's got a cloud structure so heavy it condenses hydrogen into metal. i think looking at it from above'd be better. some of the moons that circle it, like Ganymede or Callisto, probably have some killer views of the planet. that'd be great for everyone, as humans'd probably be afraid of their ex-slaves, and believe they were out to eat their children, or at least have a better relationship with them, and want them somewhere else altogether. so the robots'd have a toaster party at the halfway mark of the solarsystem. by invite only, i'm afraid. so if you find your vacuum cleaner or blender missing...

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