Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"It's the sick oyster which has the pearl"

Previously, on whomunculus, S'Mat! mentioned that he'd peel back his onion and, through some sort of exegetic exercise, recall some of his more emotional memories in a series of blog posts.
Well, now he will not.
I spoke to him and advised him against privileging a liminal plane such as this with images of such tender import. Emoting is one of the few distinguished human arts, and should either be portrayed to friends, lovers and diaries or be written for the stage and then optioned into a Sir Ben Kingsley movie. You see, while shouting your more mulluscoid moments into the noisy, brassy internet has buckets of cathartic value, it readily becomes grandstanding. S'Mat! will speak into this medium one day, perhaps when it is palpably the greater neocortical reticulum, but meanwhile he will return to the first person for more post-narcissistic rambling.

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