Tuesday, July 15, 2008

euphrenia - live here now

So I am now in BC. I live here.
Somehow the public parts of me got tanned without going through the stage that usually makes me look like a blob of mayonnaise that was held down and pink-bellied. Somehow I am buffing up. Somehow my mind is enjoying itself. Somehow I can see past myself to the greater caravan. Somehow I ate sausages every day for 10 days. I just ate one, and it tasted like bad breath, so I'm done with them till Beerfest.
I went on a wine tour on Sunday. It was my birthday. On it, it occurred to me that:
1. 'debauch' finds itself from Bacchus. well, obviously, but it'd been a tacit connection for me until then.
2. white, heterosexual cliques are not much fun in confined spaces. when sober.
3. a lot of wine sucks, but the people who make it are rich so the tasters are nice about it all. it stays freer that way.
4. due to their environmental sensitivity, rose bushes are planted amongst the vines and used to detect potential plagues or diseases before they occur in the crop.
5. people hide their most egregious infidelities behind their most cherished and celebrated values. the universality of this both horrifies and fascinates me.
6. everyone else here finds the story of feet washing up on beaches interesting too. though i still think calling the foot-falling-off-and-floating-away process 'disarticulation' to be a bit abstruse. 'yet another case of anaquapodischism has been reported upon disarticulately.'

Yes, I'm still unemployed.


Princess Pointful said...

(it seemed like the neighbourly thing to do, now that we live in the same province)

And I am equally skeptical of the foot thing. Did you hear about the phony foot?

pagno said...

TOMMU! i'm sorry i missed your birthday. i've been so caught up in my own spirals... i hope you had a fantasstic day. lots of love to you.

Princess Pointful said...

Oh, you best believe if had cheese curds (though, I often find many places have not nearly enough). Disco fries are sheer blasphemy.

Depending on where you actually are in this lovely province, usually the best look-out is "Belgian Fries" shops. Fritz in downtown Vancouver is good. Also, we have a few rare Montreal style delis, which will sometimes carry it as well.

Indiana James said...

Well I learned something about rich rose bushes from a pink bellied mayo-sausage eater. I'm intrigued as to the origins of point 5. Good to hear things are coming along.

Sparky said...

You in Vic? If so we should meet and get soundly trashed before I move on to browner pastures...