Wednesday, March 14, 2007

S'Mat! make S'Mat! Smash!

Tricky little devils
Complacency Swiftens
Trailing Lilliputians
Like a sticky-nosed 4 year old
Trails shoelaces
Mouth grasping like a fist
Hero we go again
Kinder to hate
Kindling to relate
And there go the chimes
Lancing the ears
With her dazzling tines
And all becomes reflection:
No armistice for loved ones
The boundaries fucking fart
Humour falls, a pall
I, Sade
Ribs from dangled pirates
And there's a fingernail in the sky
You picked me clean
And shat on my carcass
Your arrogance asked me to
Thank you
Stare a little harder at those waters, my dear
They become stiller yet


Indiana James said...

Do I dare even ask what brought this about. Definitely something that took me a few reads to get.

S'Mat said...

haha, i dare you... it's nothing really, just a stream of consciouspiss. rattled it off in a few minutes just because i was momentarily afraid of silence...