Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hangover, hangover, I call ____ over

some sentences, pause
words, like gaps in a smile
silences pop
the tiniest spaces are the tinnitus
in meaning's ear nest

language is sometimes a cowled coward
the inner battle of a lonely cod

silver and silver

does our hero suture
action to intent
what tongue licks salt from the rocks,
but replaces apples to the crisping trees

too bad your brain
is grey
and decay
a glyptic hermit who'll never touch
only receive whispered report
from his friends, the crickets

we, the pond
enrapt in hushed bondage
shuffling gapward
do words taste?
do sentences really?

1 comment:

Eve said...

Yes, words do taste, but only as experienced by the reader.

Try Capote! (I love his "Christmas Story" or something like that, the title definitely has Christmas in it.)