Monday, December 19, 2005

to whit, zeropoint . the antidot? and PSY-FI

THIS is my webginning, so I'll start with a meek preamble. I wanted this site to be a one 'Tomunculus', but the name had been eaten already, so i went the enigmatic distance and wyrded it out further. AS my blogged Chilepepper had informed me of her site ( ), she consciously posts at a level of lucidity that borders on a personal cipher (yet pointedly analogous to others' experiences), I too aim to accomplish something similar in this: challenging (to me/you - us), whimsied, personally informative and a reservoir of my life's fat that is increasingly difficult to carry around with me. YOU'LL probably get it even if I fail to convey it...
JUDGING by the sheer number of bloated bleating blogspots these days, people are expressly expressing the want to express/impress/dedepress? I want this too. THESE last few weeks, I've felt a bit dour and stuck, and, needing an antidote of sorts, decided to realize my dreamscheme. I'D just dropped out of McGill, again. BEST thing I'd ever done, again. BUT immediately tripped over my self's possibilities. KNOWING exactly what I want to do, I smoked myself sick in cafes over the past 2 weeks and distracted my life's reconstitution with LIMEWIRE and inthorough research. BUT I don't want to be a piece of uncomfortable furniture in the doctor's waitingroom, so this is my launch: I am going to write PSY-FI(delity?), or 'speculative fiction', as detractor's of sci-fi's pulpy stigma would sublimate. IN the meantime, I plan to upload any short pieces of work, excerpts, thoughts and decisions onto this little pacemaker of a page... HOPE I keep vigil on this one. IT'S not as if other good idea's've never been torpedoed by my own U-Boat before... IN short, I extend this to all friends and family: check out the links, have a laugh, prevaricate on the dishes and most of all, keep in touch!!!

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Isabel Brinck said...

Happy to see you on the blogosphere. I'll link to you from mine.
Are you sure your clock is set right though... you posted this at 8:47am???