Friday, October 03, 2008

you betcha

All that Palin proved yesterday is that she had better committed her talking points to memory, giving her the latitude to be cute. I hate that word, but it's true. Cute: Hokie hometown USA vernacular; winking at the camera; apple-pie anecdotes... yuck.

There was no debate, though Biden (I still can't believe that there's a ticket bearing the names Obama-Biden... how much closer to 'Osama Bin Laden' can you get?) did try to start a skirmish or two. I wonder if he felt any inhibitory pressure from the spectral main-stream punditry poised to shoot charges of sexism at him had he cracked her veneer.

Which brings me to the part that sickens me the most: Palin being touted as a symbol for contemporary feminism. WTF?! I'm outraged by that charge. If anything, she reinforces all the traditional anachronisms and stereotypes that have ever stymied women's political emergence: she's evangelical; pro-life; sedentary, having received her passport just last year. She also endorses overtly patriarchal overtures of war (which is basically a means of holding 150,000 US children hostage for electoral purposes, among the myriad other profits looted), resource-dessication and a nonviable economic growth index. She's no champion for feminism, she's a cocktail waitress in a boy's club. Poor Hilary Clinton, as much as the dark side crackled around her, she had my respect. The Republicans swung the quick bait-and-switch on the US, expediting Palin's advancement through demographic, and photogenic, nepotism.

I'm sorry to say it, but McCain may as well have chosen a golden retriever for everyone to go 'aaawww' at, and then condemned those who decried the ridiculous choice as committing animal abuse. That's how insulting I think Palin is, both as a person and as a campaign idea.

Ron Paul for president!


Polyacrylamind said...

i like how palin is pro-life and WTF!! We worship the sanctity of the unborn fetus, but if that bitch gives birth on my property im gonna shoot em both.

S'Mat said...

hahaha! just picturing the SS scouring the Whitehouse bushes for the source of heavy LeMars breathing...
also, if she were TRULY concerned about any possible contradictions she might express in her fundamentally incompatible views, then she'd oppose the use of depleted uranium ammunition, as it's been thoroughly linked to birth defects, miscarriages and sterility, among a whole slew of other horrible afflictions.
what i find pretty scary-funny is how she tasks herself to better the country's education system: "...and thus did second amendment Jesus smite down the stegasaurus."
Also, did you hear how the town of Wasilla charged rape victims for their forensic kits while she mayor? Disgusting.