Sunday, May 27, 2007

The D/L

Like: The sound of someone walking a bike.
Dislike: People who hold their partner's neck as they stroll.
L: That my friend Joel has one of the most impressive standing vertical jumps.
D: Flipping the pillow to only find that its warm.
L: Waterworld - The Director's Cut.
D: Cars that slow down to a lurking crawl when you're on a bike.
L: People who clutch their bag too emphatically when you walk by.
D: People who treat their pets too preciously.
L: The squeak of your own sinuses clearing.
D: Unyielding umbrella wielders.
L: Conspiratorial whispers.
D: Shitty sci-fi movies (very different constitutional appraisal methods than those which determine 'shitty movies' in general)
L: The idea of dancing vegetables. Or fruit in rollerskates. Happy!
D: Setting off anti-theft alarms and having to sheepishly explain it away.
L: Dreaming something that happens the next day.
D: Boredom.
L: Aggregate smiles.
D: That its easier to come up with Dislikes than Likes.


Eve said...

Hey! I just did something similar! I omitted the dislikes because it's always easy to remember them.

Indiana James said...

I was going to do something like that a while ago, but my level of self loathing was too high at that point to safely ensure nothing catastrophic would happen. So I like that I didn't.

Heather said...

Waterworld? Really?

MontrealGurl said...

L: H's comment.
D: That what you and Eve said was true.
L: Perceptions change.
D: Might take a while, for me anyway.
L: I can recognize that.
D: This can go on forever and it's bedtime.
L: It's bedtime. ;)